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Montgomery to teach history of Columbia course

Dr. Warner M. Montgomery,

publisher of The

Columbia Star, will teach a history of Columbia course in January and February, 2008, with the Historic Columbia Foundation.

People, Places, and

Progress of Early Columbia,

1600- 1850 will consist of six lectures at the Big Apple and three bus tours.

Montgomery, who has a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, was born, raised, and educated in Columbia. He has written the local histories of Shandon, Eau Claire, and Columbia Schools as well as scores of articles on

Columbia's history in The

Columbia Star.

The course will focus on Columbia's original plan, families, churches, and schools. Tours will be taken to Columbia's first homes, first churches, and the Columbia Canal.

Registration for the lectures and the tours is $75, for the lectures alone $50. To register, contact Historic Columbia Foundation at 803-252-7742 X 29 or reservations@historiccolumbia. org.

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