2007-07-06 / Public Notices

Public Notices



All persons having claims against the following estates are required to deliver or mail their claims to the indicated Personal Representatives, appointed to administer these estates, and to file their claims on Form #371PC with the Probate Court of Richland County, the address of which is P.O. Box 192, Columbia, SC 29202, on or before the date that is eight months after the date of the first publication of this Notice to Creditors, (unless barred by operation of Section 62-3-803), or such persons shall be forever barred as to their claims. All claims are required to be presented in written statements, indication the name and the address of the claimant, the basis of the claim, the amount claimed and the date when due, and a description of any security as to the claim.

Estate: Vernilla P. Adams 07ES4000783 Personal Representative: Louis J. Adams Address: 19070 Merry Men Cir., Monument,CO 80132 Attorney: Thomas G. Earle, Seigler Earle & Ellsworth Address: 1735 St. Julian Place #103, Columbia, SC 29204

Estate: John J. Bernotas 07ES4000739 Personal Representative: Robert W. Bernotas Address: 1802 Crestview Ave., Columbia, SC 29223

Estate: Delane Roosevelt Bolton 07ES4000758 Personal Representative: Martha Bolton Address: 1036 Martin L. King Blvd., Hopkins, SC 29061 Attorney: Elnora Dean Address: 1224 Pickens St., Columbia, SC 29201

Estate: Freddie E. Campbell Jr. 07ES4000776 Personal Representative: Keisha M. Young Address: PO Box 371, Eastover, SC 29044

Estate: Ida Reamer Carson 07ES4000744 Personal Representative: Charles C. Carson Address: 4837 Shadow Lawn Rd., Columbia, SC 29206 Attorney: Karen H. Thomas Address: PO Box 2285, Columbia, SC 29202

Estate: Owens T. Cobb Jr. 07ES4000737 Personal Representative: Owens T. Cobb III Address: 514 S. Woodrow St., Columbia, SC 29205 Personal Representative: Jolene C. Plyer Address: 8 Rosebank Ct., Columbia, SC 29209

Estate: Elizabeth Sargent Cothran 07ES4000743 Personal Representative: Elizabeth Lee Cothran Address: 1922 E. 59th St., Savannah, GA 31405 Personal Representative: Ann C. Wohlfeil Address: 1608 Queensbury St., Savannah, GA 31406 Attorney: W. Steven Johnson Address: PO Box 11262, Columbia, SC 29211

Estate: Christine H. Dowling 07ES4000735 Personal Representative: Carol H. Horne Address: 2720 Diane Dr., Columbia, SC 29210

Estate: Bernard Wilton Edmonds 07ES4000773 Personal Representative: Arthur Martin Address: 1614 Fairlamb Ave., Columbia, SC 29223

Estate: Rose Marie Edmonds 06ES4001618 Personal Representative: Harold Gary Edmonds Address: 641 Koon Store Rd., Columbia, SC 29203 Attorney: Stanley Freeman Address: PO Box 11006, Columbia, SC 29211

Estate: Henry Eugene Fields 07ES4000779 Personal Representative: Jannie Henrietta Fields Morton Address: 2221 Lady St., Columbia, SC 29204

Estate: Ponstance Culp Gadsden

07ES4000771 Personal Representative: Myrtle N. Kelsaw Address: 204 NE 134th Pl., Portland, OR 97230

Estate: Laurens Ragsdale Graham 07ES4000767 Personal Representative: Caroline B. Graham Address: 820 Burwell Lane, Columbia, SC 29205

Estate: Henry Green 07ES4000770 Personal Representative: Trent Demarcus Green Address: 1271 S. Cedar Creek Rd., Gadsden, SC 29052

Estate: Elaine J. Hilton 07ES4000769 Personal Representative: H. Avery Hilton Jr. Address: 14 Paddock Place, Columbia, SC 29223 Attorney: Karen H. Thomas Address: PO Box 2285, Columbia, SC 29202

Estate: Nathan Holman 07ES4000745 Personal Representative: Myrtle Holman Address: 22102 Evergreen Rd., Southfield, MI 48075 Attorney: Gary P. Rish, Derrick & Rish, PA Address: PO Box 508, Irmo, SC 29063 Personal Representative: Patty Holman Address: 15720 Lauder St., Detroit, MI 48227

Estate: Mildred Crim Karow 07ES4000766 Personal Representative: William G. Karow Address: 820 Locust Grove Ct., Alpharetta, GA 30004

Estate: Dorothy Kellogg 07ES4000772 Personal Representative: James N. Kellogg Address: 1527 Saramont Rd., Columbia, SC 29205

Estate: Larry G.Kirk 07ES4000781 Personal Representative: Margaret P. Kirk Address: 512 Green Springs Dr., Columbia, SC 29223

Estate: Jessie Knightner Martin 07ES4000764 Personal Representative: Freddie H. Martin Address: PO Box 1283, Swansea, SC 29160 Attorney: Henrietta Gill Address: PO Box 2119, Leesville, SC 29070

Estate: Patricia Sue Poston Moore 07ES4000747 Personal Representative: Natalie Jean Moore Address: 11 Sesqui Ct., Columbia, SC 29223 Attorney: Natalie Jean Moore Address: 11 Sesqui Ct., Columbia, SC 29223

Estate: Thomas C. Nichols Jr. 07ES4000768 Personal Representative: Edna C. Nichols Address: 5 Willow Bend Ct., Columbia, SC 29223

Estate: Lamona Ham Petersen 07ES4000728 Personal Representative: Thalia P. Counts Address: 4215 River Park Ct., Cumming, GA 30041 Attorney: Thomas G. Earle, Seigler Earle & Ellsworth Address: 1735 St. Julian Place #103, Columbia, SC 29204

Estate: Hermon Rogers 07ES4000754 Personal Representative: Harris B. Dickinson Address: 115 E. Meadowland Lane, Sterling, VA 20164

Estate: Landrum Edward Hillian-Rush 07ES4000742 Personal Representative: Ida Rush Washington Address: 1105 Parliament Lake Dr., Columbia, SC 29223 Attorney: H. Ronald Stanley Address: 1418 Park St., Columbia, SC 29201

Estate: Mary Ann Rachal Temple 07ES4000741 Personal Representative: Ronald W. Temple Address: 71 Downing St., Columbia, SC 29209

Estate: Ronald L. Thomas 07ES4000749 Personal Representative: Victoria A. Thomas Address: 4214 Grand St., Columbia, SC 29203

Estate: Charles Tillman 07ES4000750 Personal Representative: Joshenia M. Peeples Address: 1920 Heathers Ct., Augusta, GA 30906

Estate: Thelma A. Trapp 07ES4000756 Personal Representative: Eugene Trapp Address: 1403 Lorick Rd., Blythewood, SC 29016

Estate: Gail Elaine White 07ES4000784 Personal Representative: Charles Randy White Address: 3813 Ithaca Place, Fayetteville, NC 28311

Estate: Louis Wilson Jr. 07ES4000778 Personal Representative: Gertrude Wilson Address: 2028 Haverford Cir., Columbia, SC 29203

Estate: Roswell Cunningham Wilson 07ES4000780 Personal Representative: Thomas Keith Wilson Address: 2 Westlake Rd., Columbia, SC 29223 Attorney: Robert A. McKenzie Address: PO Box 58, Columbia, SC 29202

Estate: Samuel Witt 07ES4000740 Personal Representative: Carolyn Witt Glover Address: PO Box 520, St. Helena Island, SC 29920

XXXXXXX Estate: Margaret Alderman 07ES4000829 Personal Representative: Oscar D. Alderman Address: 330 Compass Point, Ninety Six, SC 29666 Attorney: LA Brown Address: PO Box 1545, Irmo, SC 29063

Estate: Miller Ray Amick 07ES4000826 Personal Representative: Mary E. Amick Address: 1020 N. Wingard Rd., Irmo, SC 29063

Estate: Wyman Anderson 07ES4000830 Personal Representative: Barbara Wood Atiba Address: 1212 Leesburg Rd., Columbia, SC 29209

Estate: Alexander Wright Bollin Jr. 07ES4000809 Personal Representative: John B. Collins Address: 4710 Oakhill Rd., Columbia, SC 29206 Attorney: Francis B. Bollin Address: 120 Runneymede Dr., Blythewood, SC 29016

Estate: Myrtis M. Brown 07ES4000806 Personal Representative: Jean Maxwell Address: 2019 Leesburg Rd., Columbia, SC 29209

Estate: Anna Elsa Olson Christensen 07ES4000788 Personal Representative: Ruth C. Sproat Address: 1686 Woodlake Dr., Columbia, SC 29206

Estate: June Robinson Cole 07ES4000827 Personal Representative: Fred A. Cole Address: 1308 Farming Creek Rd., Irmo, SC 29063

Estate: Laverne Stevens Crout Cortright 07ES4000805 Personal Representative: Sandra O. Paavel Address: 232 Teesdale Ct., Lexington, SC 29072 Attorney: Angela Dodd- Yarborough Address: PO Box 8012, Columbia, SC 29202

Estate: Janie Mae Gregg 07ES4000820 Personal Representative: Anthony C.Gregg Address: 7564 Mountain Ridge Lane, Lithonin, GA 30058

Estate: Julius F. Haley 07ES4000813 Personal Representative: Julius French Haley Jr. Address: 112 Middle St., Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

Estate: Melville Cain Calmes Haley 07ES4000816 Personal Representative: Nade Calmes Haley Address: 315 Berry St. 7N, Brooklyn, NY 11211 Personal Representative: Cain Calmes Haley Address: PO Box 1234, Highlands, NC 28741

Estate: Carolyn Mills Hartvigsen 07ES4000726 Personal Representative: Robert Erik Hartvigsen Address: 213 Trentwood Dr., Columbia, SC 29223 Attorney: Braden E. Wallace Address: PO Box 763, Blythewood, SC 29016

Estate: Annie May Covington Hicks 07ES4000799 Personal Representative: Robert George Hicks Address: 1537 Creek Knoll Ct., Colonial Heights, VA 23834 Personal Representative: Sandra Hicks Bryan Address: 1121 High Valley Trail, Blythewood, SC 29016 Attorney: George Bailey Address: PO Box 11070, Columbia, SC 29211

Estate: Bonnie Shealy Holland 07ES4000822 Personal Representative: Joseph E. Shealy Jr. Address: 1400 Heather Lane, Monroe, NC 28110 Estate: McDuffy Lovett 07ES4000795 Personal Representative: James M. Lovett Address: 626 Plantation Creek Rd., Fortson, GA 31808

Estate: Joe A. Martinez 07ES4000828

Personal Representative: Rosa Martinez-Orozco Address: 146 Virginia Pine Lane, Lexington, SC 29072 Attorney: Kerry Murphy Address: 2512 Devine St., Columbia, SC 29205

Estate: Barbara Susan McConnell 07ES4000818 Personal Representative: Charles W. McConnell Address: 4 Worchester Ct., Columbia, SC 29209

Estate: Frederick Louis Mickle 07ES4000789 Personal Representative: Rosie O. Mickle Address: 2124 Barhamville Rd., Columbia, SC 29204

Estate: Joneta Brady Mothershead 07ES4000824 Personal Representative: Royal W. Mothershead Address: 134 W. Killian Station Ct., Columbia, SC 29229

Estate: Dacile M. Pickford 07ES4000790 Personal Representative: Dayna L. Pridgen Address: 1726 Budon Ct., Columbia, SC 29204 Personal Representative: Richard E. Pridgen Address: 1726 Budon Ct., Columbia, SC 29204

Estate: Elizabeth Labruce Pugh 07ES4000798 Personal Representative: Ellen H. Pugh Address: 115 Shannon Run, Peachtree City, GA 30269

Estate: Catherine Shaw Shirley 07ES4000801 Personal Representative: Rita Saxon Address: 119 Sherwood Lane, Greenwood, SC 29649 Personal Representative: Kathy S. Rhame Address: 6131 Hampton Ridge Rd., Columbia, SC 29209 Attorney: Mark D. Bower Address: PO Box 394, Columbia, SC 29202

Estate: Edward Carlyle Smoak 07ES4000821 Personal Representative: Shayne S. Patterson Address: 4213 Havana Ct., Columbia, SC 29206

Estate: Irving J. Sunshine 07ES4000815 Personal Representative: Mimi S. Karesh Address: 8206 Ocean Front, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 Attorney: Beth Bernstein Address: 1019 Assembly St., Columbia, SC 29201 Estate: Roland Leon Thomas 07ES4000749 Personal Representative: Victoria A. Thomas Address: 4214 Grand St., Columbia, SC 29203

Estate: Rogelio Vega 07ES4000817 Personal Representative: Juana Bautista Vega Address: 1609 Faraway Dr., Columbia, SC 29223

Estate: Barbara S. Wessinger 07ES4000800 Personal Representative: Robert B. Wessinger Address: 1445 Thor Dr., Columbia, SC 29210

Estate: John Edward Wilson 07ES4000802 Personal Representative: Tommie Barnes Address: 5105 Tinkers Creek Place, Clinton, MD 20735


Estate: Johnie B. Alston 07ES4000853 Personal Representative: Ernestine Alston Address: 1349 Crosshill Rd., Hopkins, SC 29061

Estate: Edward William Bartsch 07ES4000839 Personal Representative: Judy Lynn Bartsch Address: 824 Sandfield Rd., Blythewoood, SC 29016

Estate: Amy V. Cockcroft 07ES4000832 Personal Representative: Dr. Mary J. Frame Address: Nine Holiday Ct., Columbia, SC 29223

Estate: Enoch Geddis Sr. 07ES4000845 Personal Representative: Lizzie Mae Geddis Address: 4024 Evergreen Dr., Columbia, SC 29204

Estate: Anthony Reginald Harris 07ES4000762 Personal Representative: Alphonso Millsapp Address: 611 Torwood Dr., Columbia, SC 29203

Estate: Johnnie Mae Holloman 07ES4000838 Personal Representative: James Ray Holloman Address: 117 Lachlan Dr., Ft. Mill, SC 29715

Estate: Gloria Jean Jeffcoat 07ES4000843 Personal Representative: Vladimir Paslavskhy Address: 213 Peachtree Dr., Irmo, SC 29063

Estate: Florence Johns 07ES4000833 Personal Representative: Nancy E. Collier Address: 113 15th St., Newport, KY 41071 Attorney: Rolland E. Greenburg III Address: 712 Calhoun St., Ste. D, Columbia, SC 29201

Estate: Verna L. Johnson 07ES4000835 Personal Representative: Larryittia Chaitay Walters Address: 152 Leaning Tree Rd., Lugoff, SC 29078

Estate: Jason Daniel Judice 07ES4000851 Personal Representative: Jay Judice Address: 109 Valley Stream Rd., Leesville, SC 29070 Personal Representative: Mary L. Judice Address: 109 Valley Stream Rd., Leesville, SC 29070

Estate: Anthony E. Laukaitis 07ES4000846 Personal Representative: Raymond V. Laukaitis Address: 808 Lancelot Ln., Columbia, SC 29223

Estate: Dorothy Mae Moffet 07ES4000837 Personal Representative: Tommy A. Sanders Address: 533 Carrington Lane, Douglasville, GA 30135

Estate: Delane Moorer 07ES4000847 Personal Representative: Alice M. Thompson Address: 1009 Valhalla Dr., Columbia, SC 29229

Estate: Earl Leon Pruitt 07ES4000850 Personal Representative: Deborah M. Pruitt Address: 15 Eastfern Ct., Columbia, SC 29212

Estate: Kathleen Gavin Scott 07ES4000831 Personal Representative: Kathleen Hicks Address: 7645 Garners Ferry Rd., Apt. 1029-A, Columbia, SC 29209

Estate: Carol McKee Stewart 07ES4000814 Personal Representative: John K. Koon Address: 2016 Gadsden St., Columbia, SC 29201 Attorney: John K. Koon Address: 2016 Gadsden St., Columbia, SC 29201

Estate: Elizabeth M. Stinton 07ES4000841 Personal Representative: John E. Stinton Address: 2647 Chatsworth Rd., Columbia, SC 29223 Attorney: Adele J. Pope Address: PO Drawer 7125, Columbia, SC 29202-7125

Estate: William A. Wilhelm 07ES4000842 Personal Representative: Faye W. Wilhelm Address: 2006 Creekside Way, Columbia, SC 29210 Attorney: Wesley Waites Address: 1304 D. Ave., West Columbia, SC 29169

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