2007-06-29 / News

Hair - lost in translation

By Suzanne Kindler- Enz Suzanne@carolinassunrise.com

Adjusting to life in a foreign country can be quite challenging. Just ask Benjamin Rubel, a new German intern working at Lang Mekra in Ridgeway, S.C. Rubel had been living in the states for only a few weeks when he decided to get his hair cut in the Columbia Mall.

English is taught as a second language in many parts of Europe, including Germany, but unfortunately that doesn't prepare students for every situation. So when the stylist asked how he'd like his hair done, Rubel simply pointed to a young man in the waiting room. "I thought the guy's hair- style looked real nice, and I wanted a cut like his," he said.

Soon Rubel took his turn in the chair and felt a razor on the back of his head. Before he realized what was happening, all of his hair was falling to the floor.

What he hadn't known, was that the guy he'd pointed out had just enlisted in the army and was there to get his head shaved!

"I thought he'd already had his hair cut," said a very shocked Rubel. But he took the whole experience in stride.

"At least I won't need another haircut for a long time," he said. "And when I do, I think I'll go somewhere else."

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