2007-04-20 / On Second Thought


Leave my heritage alone

Sir, you just don't get it. You don't understand, and you don't know history. I challenge you to just go to the Confederate Monument and read the words written on it, and you will understand why the monument and the flag are so important to our people. It is a soldier's monument with their flag flying on it to honor South Carolinians who died defending their state and their right to self government.

Our state was subjected to the most cruel invasion and the worst war crimes ever committed in American history. And then we were subjected to 12 years of military occupation and the most cruel treatment in history under the false name of Reconstruction. It has taken almost 150 years for the state to recover.

My great grandfather was captured defending the coast and spent the rest of the war under intentional cruel conditions of starvation and freezing at Fort Delaware prison camp. I have a relative who was killed at Gettysburg, and another was killed at Sharpsburg.

This city was intentionally burned to the ground by troops under a war criminal. Despite what The Other Paper might write in their lying columns, 20,000 witnesses saw who burned Columbia down, and they wrote about it. Even the Union soldiers admitted it in letters home. The flag honors the city's defenders, few though they were by that time.

The flag honors the men who defended the state, no more, no less. When you called it "that damned Confederate flag," which I saw on a TV clip, you offended me in the worst way possible. Unless you issue a public apology to the people of South Carolina, I, a 50- year Gamecock fan and USC graduate, will not renew my Gamecock Club membership, and I will not buy football tickets.

Your attitude and statements were inconceivable to me in the hatred to my people who they presented. You have been deluded by the NAACP, which spews hate to line the pockets of their leaders with donations from their people whom they do nothing to help. Black people did not hate the flag until the NAACP came into South Carolina and told them to hate it.

The NAACP lied when they compromised to move the flag to its present location. They agreed to the compromise and then began their boycott the next day and made their new demands. If the flag were to be moved, the next day they would demand that the soldier's monument be destroyed. If that were done, they would demand the next day that Wade Hampton's statue be moved. Then they would demand the changing of street names……on and on and forever. They want our Southern heritage erased.

We have a beautiful Black History Monument on the State House grounds. That does not bother me. If they want to fly their African flags from it, that would not bother me. Just leave my heritage, my flag, and my ancestors alone.

For Southern Heritage,

William D. Chisolm, Jr.

Cayce, S.C.

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