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West Columbia City Council meets April 3

By Kristin Lavender kblavender@gmail.com

By Kristin Lavenderkblavender@gmail.com

Roll call

West Columbia City Council began at 6 pm, April 3, with an Invocation by Mayor Pro- Tem Harmon. Mayor Bobby Horton, Dale Harley, Eric Fowler, Jack Harmon, Marsha Moore, Boyd Jones, and Douglas Reeves were present. They were then led into the Pledge of Allegiance. B.J. Unthank and Tommy Parler were not in attendance.

Requests for appearances

Geah Pressgrove , senior account executive with Ferrillo & Associates, presented to the council a presentation on the metal cutout adorned for the West Columbia River Walk. Similar in design to photo ops seen in varied family- oriented locations, this cutout, resembling a wildlife animal with an opening for a head to go through for a photograph, was designed to serve both advertising needs and entertainment/souvenir purposes in the hopes of attracting visitors.


The council began business by first going through minutes from each of four March meetings including the regular council meeting, council work sessions, and two special council meetings.

Amongst old business, the council reviewed only second reading considerations of ordinances.

Moore spoke out during a new business consideration of a Proclamation to Designate April 2007 as National Autism Awareness Month. She introduced her grandson, Wesley Thomas Williamson , a young man who has autism. Moore also called attention to the council that it costs $50,000 per year to mainstream students with autism. The council unanimously agreed to designate this month as National Autism Awareness Month.

The council also agreed by a Proclamation to Designate April 2007 as Fair Housing Month. This was done with the purpose of encouraging that all citizens get decent housing rates.

Among other new business were considerations to designate weeks in April as, respectfully, Municipal Clerks Week (April 29- May 5, 2007) and Community Development Block Grant Week (April 9- 15, 2007). Also, under the recommendation by Fire Chief Ron Scarboro that a 100- foot Ladder Truck for the Fire Department be purchased, which the Council unanimously approved.

The Council adjourned at 6:40 p.m.

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