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Cayce City Council meets April 3

By Kristin Lavender kblavender@gmail.com

By Kristin Lavenderkblavender@gmail.com

Roll call

Cayce City Council convened at 6 pm, April 3. Mayor Avery Wilkerson, Rick Myers, Kenneth Jumper, Robert Malpass, John Sharpe, and Charles McNair were present. James "Skip" Jenkins was absent due to a scheduling conflict. Wilkerson led in the Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance. A motion was made by Jumper to approve the minutes from the March 13 Council Meeting. Myers seconded and the motion was carried.


Lexington Councilman Todd Collum addressed the council with a report on Cayce roads approved for resurfacing with SCDOT Match Funds. Collum said the "full council has already approved this paving list." The report covers $840,000 worth of resurfacing to be done county wide. It was approved March 27. There remains to be some air quality issues that need to be addressed and a portion of the funds may have to be used for that, but at that point the money will come from within the county. Overall, Jumper commented on the progress in saying, "I think this is a good start."

The City of Cayce Wastewater Treatment Plant Staff received awards from the Water Environment Association of S.C. Two staff persons were present with their awards. They had to go through a series of tests/questions on the basic knowledge required to operate a waste treatment plant. Time spent on this was done outside of work.

The River Alliance presented a presentation on the AT&T contribution to the Cayce River Walk. In addition to gracing the cover of the phone book, there is included a map of greenway inside the phonebook so citizens can follow along as sections are mapped out, and more progress is made.

The River Alliance has also created a river critters photo op, inspired by the photo ops at the zoo. This provides something fun for families when visiting the Walk and also something to remember it by. Wilkerson demonstrated by putting his head through the opening in the structure.

Malpass made a motion to move forward on the proclamation of Municipal Clerks Week. This was seconded by Jumper.


Before the council were a number of first and second readings of ordinances. Several of these referred to annexing and zoning of various properties. In addition to these ordinances was one addressing an amendment to Cayce City Code about public nuisances, another bringing up the serving of beer and wine on city- owned property, one on an amendment to Cayce City Code about animals, and lastly an approval of Zoning Ordinance Text Amendments.


In recent months the council has been going through a number of appointments and reappointments to varied committees and boards. Those discussions continued with one position on each the Accommodations Tax Committee, Cayce Housing/Construction Board, and SPAT Committee.

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