2006-07-28 / Public Notices


All persons having claims against the following estates are required to deliver or mail their claims to the indicated Personal Representatives, appointed to administer these estates, and to file their claims on Form #371PC with the Probate Court of Richland County, the address of which is P.O. Box 192, Columbia, SC 29202, on or before the date that is eight months after the date of the first publication of this Notice to Creditors, (unless barred by operation of Section 62-3-803), or such persons shall be forever barred as to their claims. All claims are required to be presented in written statements, indication the name and the address of the claimant, the basis of the claim, the amount claimed and the date when due, and a description of any security as to the claim.

Estate: Mary Elizabeth Hogan Campbell


Personal Representative: Gordon C. Campbell

Address: 1810 Salem Church Rd., Irmo, SC 29063

Attorney: Kenneth M. Mathews

Address: PO Box 7335, Columbia, SC 29202

Estate: William Eugene Earnhardt


Personal Representative: Martha W. Earnhardt

Address: 926 Swygert Rd. Blythewood, SC 29016

Estate: Emma White Feagle


Personal Representative: Mary Feagle Sherrill

Address: 44 Village View Rd., Westford, MA 01886

Estate: Allen Foxworth Sr.


Personal Representative: Patricia Ann Foxworth

Address: 1009 N. Brickyard Rd., Columbia, SC 29223

Estate: Hugh E. Jones


Personal Representative: William F. Cotty

Address: 1328 Blanding St., Columbia, SC 29201

Attorney: William F. Cotty

Address: 1328 Blanding St., Columbia, SC 29201

Estate: Thomas Leslie Jones


Personal Representative: Althea M. Jones

Address: 6526 Buckfield Dr., Columbia, SC 29206

Attorney: Angela Kirby

Address: PO Box 12519, Columbia, SC 29211

Estate: Robert Maurice Levy


Personal Representative: R. Geoffrey Levy

Address: 2300 Wayne St., Columbia, SC 29201

Estate: Cornelia Lowery


Personal Representative: Robert Lowery

Address: 102 South Battery St., Charleston, SC 29401

Attorney: Felix C. Pelzer Jr.

Address: PO Box 22828, Charleston, SC 29413-2828

Estate: Sadie Hopkins Nicholson


Personal Representative: Ella Louise Hopkins Battle

Address: 701 Piney Grove Rd., Columbia, SC 29210

Estate: Louise Elizabeth Russell Olive


Personal Representative: Graydon V. Olive III

Address: 4539 Storkland Ave., Columbia, SC 29206

Personal Representative: Sandra Lynette Olive

Address: 7006 John Edwards St., Columbia, SC 29209

Estate: Florence Shirley Clausen Pulliam


Personal Representative: Robert C. Pulliam

Address: PO Box 908, Columbia, SC 29202

Attorney: Jeff Z. Brooker III

Address: PO Box 11415, Columbia, SC 29211

Estate: Raymond Randolph Sr.


Personal Representative: Linda S. Randolph

Address: 45 Willow Wind Lane, Hopkins, SC 29061

Estate: Ricardo Rickard


Personal Representative: Shirley Rickard

Address: 124 Kerryton Rd., Columbia, SC 29223

Estate: William Franklin Rorie


Personal Representative: DaMaris E. Rorie

Address: 7445 Patricia Dr., Columbia, SC 29209

Attorney: J. Frank Mock

Address: 1340 Bull St. Suite 250, Columbia, SC 29201

Estate: Gladys Bensing Silvers


Personal Representative: Susan Silvers Smith

Address: 2242 Hollingshed Rd., Irmo, SC 29063

Estate: Mary Lee Benenhaley Stillinger


Personal Representative: Donnie M. Stillinger

Address: 2533 Alpine Rd., Columbia, SC 29223

Estate: Harlan Julius Stoefen


Personal Representative: First Citizens Bank

Address: PO Box 29, Trust Department, Columbia, SC 29202

Estate: Joy Lucille Stoefen


Personal Representative: First Citizens Bank

Address: PO Box 29, Trust Department, Columbia, SC 29202

Estate: Millie Tilman


Personal Representative: Vivian N. Lowman

Address: PO Box 14, Gadsden, SC 29052

Estate: Delos Williams Jr.


Personal Representative: Natasha Latoya Williams

Address: 5 Mossy Oaks Ct., Columbia, SC 29203

Estate: Richard Curtis Yongue


Personal Representative: Nancy Y. Macfie

Address: 114 Wendover Ct., Spartanburg, SC 29302

Attorney: Judith Callison Fisher

Address: PO Box 489, Lexington, SC 29071


Estate: Dorothy Anne Baker


Personal Representative: Lin McKenney

Address: 2904 Prentice Ave., Columbia, SC 29205

Estate: Frank Oscar Black Jr.


Personal Representative: Patricia Ann Taylor Black

Address: 4344 Chicora St. Columbia, SC 29206

Personal Representative: George Wilmot Davis

Address: 136 Fishers Shore Rd., Columbia, SC 29223

Attorney: W. Steven Johnson

Address: PO Box 11262, Columbia, SC 29211

Estate: Anthony Thomas Carbone


Personal Representative: Ann R. Carbone

Address: 112 King Charles Rd., Columbia, SC 29209

Attorney: K. Chad Burgess

Address: PO Box 8416, Columbia, SC 29202

Estate: Marjorie Elizabeth Clay


Personal Representative: Christopher W. Clay

Address: 124 Arcadia Springs Cr., Columbia, SC 29206

Estate: Dean Sylvester Clyde Sr.


Personal Representative: Dean S. Clyde Jr.

Address: 1828 Omarest Dr., Columbia, SC 29210

Attorney: Timothy D. Harbeson

Address: 6334 St. Andrews Rd., Ste. 101, Columbia, SC 29212

Estate: Bennie Collins


Personal Representative: Melody R. Collins

Address: 445 Indigo Ridge Dr., Columbia, SC 29201

Estate: Rosemary E. Cummings


Personal Representative: Alan Cummings

Address: 114 River Creek Dr., Irmo, SC 29063

Estate: Reuben Jackson Gambrell


Personal Representative: Mary McIntosh

Address: 1712 St. Julian Place, Ste. 101, Columbia, SC 29204

Attorney: Mary McIntosh

Address: 1712 St. Julian Place, Ste. 101, Columbia, SC 29204

Estate: Edwin Ray Gardner


Personal Representative: Teresa Jo Gardner

Address: 1938 Dunhill Dr., Charlotte, NC 28205

Attorney: Jared D. Mobley

Address: 214 N. Tryon St., 47th Floor, Charlotte, NC 28202

Estate: Earline Priester Geiger


Personal Representative: Carolyn G. Hill

Address: 820 Wildwood Ave., Columbia, SC 29203

Estate: Mary Ellen Goins


Personal Representative: Edmund Goins

Address: 222 Westside, Rockingham, NC 28379

Estate: Mary P. Graben


Personal Representative: Jimmie C. Graben

Address: 802 Horrell Hill Rd., Hopkins, SC 29061

Estate: Clara Shipley Haigler


Personal Representative: Michael W. Haigler

Address: 524 Lakemont Ct., Chapin, SC 29036

Estate: Harriett Tinsley Holliday


Personal Representative: Ann Holliday McCray

Address: 127 Waxhaws Trace, Chapin, SC 29036

Estate: William Harmon Hubbard


Personal Representative: Wm. Bert Brannon

Address: PO Box 100261, Columbia, SC 29202

Attorney: Wm. Bert Brannon

Address: PO Box 100261, Columbia, SC 29202

Estate: Dorothy Smith Jones


Personal Representative: W. Ralph Garris

Address: PO Box 5025, Columbia, SC 29250

Attorney: W. Ralph Garris

Address: PO Box 5025, Columbia, SC 29250

Estate: Mary Elizabeth Kitts


Personal Representative: Kenneth R. Kitts

Address: 3004 Oakhaven Rd., Columbia, SC 29204

Estate: Mary Jeanette Laughead


Personal Representative: Susan B. Laughead

Address: 921 Valhalla Dr., Columbia, SC 29229

Estate: Elizabeth Ann Adams Marsh


Personal Representative: Wallace LeGrand Cooper

Address: PO Box 11122, Columbia, SC 29211

Estate: Christa Bell McIntee


Personal Representative:Rudine S. Williams

Address: 127 Hillvale Dr., Columbia, SC 29203

Estate: Robert Henry Moody


Personal Representative: Kenneth H. Crosby

Address: 115 Forest Hills Dr., Mt. Holly, NC 28120

Estate: Jerry Michael Oswald


Personal Representative: David S. Hipp

Address: PO Box 370, Lexington, SC 29071

Attorney: David S. Hipp

Address: PO Box 370, Lexington, SC 29071

Estate: Earl Junior Shackleford


Personal Representative: Michelle D. Shackleford

Address: 429 Freshwater Dr., Columbia, SC 29229

Estate: Carolyn A. Vaughn


Personal Representative: Tony R. Vaughn

Address: 113 Wollgast Ct., Blythewood, SC 29016

Estate: Lindsey White


Personal Representative: Carrie B. White

Address: 1035 Round Top Church Rd., Blythewood, SC 29016

Estate: Jack K. Wright


Personal Representative: Celeste Wright

Address: 430 Barnwell St., Columbia, SC 29205


Estate: Edward A. Barnett


Personal Representative: Edward Howard Jr.

Address: PO Box 278, Lexington, SC 29071

Attorney: Edward Howard Jr.

Address: PO Box 278, Lexington, SC 29071

Estate: Gina Marie Berry


Personal Representative: Sean Corey Berry

Address: 902 Piney Branch Rd., Lot 3, Eastover, SC 29044

Estate: Alan Devoid Boatwright


Personal Representative: Johnnie Barrett Boatwright

Address: 605 Boney Rd., Blythewood, SC 29016

Attorney: Celeste T. Jones

Address: PO Box 11390, Columbia, SC 29211

Estate: Thomas Madison Coleman


Personal Representative: S. Harrison Saunders

Address: PO Box 11126, Columbia, SC 29211

Attorney: S. Harrison Saunders

Address: PO Box 11126, Columbia, SC 29211

Estate: Jeffrey Michael Daniels


Personal Representative: Jennifer A. Koehne

Address: 408 Appaloosa Dr., Hopkins, SC 29061

Estate: Willie Lee Davis Sr.


Personal Representative: Joan Davis

Address: 3904 Beverly Dr., Columbia, SC 29204

Estate: Herman Deveaux


Personal Representative: Herman Lee DeVeaux

Address: 22 Palmer Ave. Stamford, CT 06902

Attorney: Lex Rogerson Jr.

Address: PO Box 365, Lexington, SC 29071

Estate: Eugene G. Dugosh


Personal Representative: Thelma D. Dugosh

Address: 1506 Winchester Ave., Columbia, SC 29203

Estate: John Louis Eddleman


Personal Representative: Patricia Clare Hanahan Eddleman

Address: 6707 Frances St., Columbia, SC 29209

Attorney: Edward B. Latitmer

Address: 7356 Garners Ferry Rd., Columbia, SC 29209

Estate: John Lamar Grant


Personal Representative: Jacqueline Grant

Address: 1829 Senate St., Ste. 7-B, Columbia, SC 29201

Attorney: David Siddons

Address: 301 Stoneridge Dr., Columbia, SC 29210

Estate: Frank Norman Fitzpatrick Jr.


Personal Representative: Marilynn LaRose Fitzpatrick

Address: 91 Guernsey Dr., Columbia, SC 29203

Personal Representative: Frederick D. Fitzpatrick

Address: 1431 Means Ave., Columbia, SC 29210

Estate: X. L. Harlow


Personal Representative: Ruth Beard Harlow

Address: 1716 Luster Lane, Columbia, SC 29210

Attorney: Edward D. Barnhill Jr.

Address: PO Box 11070, Columbia, SC 29211

Estate: Barbara Doretha Tatum Hibler


Personal Representative: Doretha Hibler Glymph

Address: 165 Forestview Cir., Columbia, SC 29212

Estate: Charles Johnson Sr.


Personal Representative: Vivian C. Johnson

Address: 146 Newcastle Dr., Columbia, SC 29223

Estate: Juanita Adams Lake


Personal Representative: Ginger Lake Brandt

Address: 133 Cheshire Dr., Columbia, SC 29210

Estate: Mildred Ruth Leavitt


Personal Representative: William F. Newberry

Address: 2063 Watermark Place, Columbia, SC 29210

Attorney: Jeff Z. Brooker III

Address: PO Box 11415, Columbia, SC 29202

Estate: Helen H. Lorick


Personal Representative: Daniel K. Felker

Address: 618 Ott Rd. Columbia, SC 29205

Attorney: Daniel K. Felker

Address: 618 Ott Rd. Columbia, SC 29205

Estate: Blanche G. Martin


Personal Representative: Robert N. Martin

Address: 6900 Monticello Rd., Columbia, SC 29203

Attorney: Robert F. Buggel

Address: 4064 W. Beltline Blvd., Columbia, SC 29204

Estate: William McCann Jr.


Personal Representative: Cathy McCann

Address: 1606 Wynnewood Rd., Columbia, SC 29201

Attorney: Lelia Ferguson

Address: PO Box 3305, Irmo, SC 29063

Estate: George Richardson


Personal Representative: Dorothy Mae Richardson

Address: 227 Ashley Place Rd., Columbia, SC 29229

Attorney: S. R. Anderson

Address: PO Box 12188, Columbia, SC 29211

Estate: Faye Huffstetler Rose


Personal Representative: Homer Stanley Rose

Address: 1421 Van Bloken Rd., Eastover, SC 29044

Personal Representative: Pamela Denese Rose

Address: 516 Hill Rd., Hopkins, SC 29061

Personal Representative: Mark Edward Rose

Address: 9723 Wylie Rd., Hopkins, SC 29061

Attorney: James L. Mann II

Address: 1527 Richland St., Columbia, SC 29201

Estate: Sara Lancaster Simon


Personal Representative: Thomas Patrick Simon

Address: PO Box 265, Ballentine, SC 29002

Attorney: Gary P. Rish, Derrick & Rish, PA

Address: PO Box 508, Irmo, SC 29063

Estate: Charles Lowell Sims


Personal Representative: Margene Sims

Address: 8101 Glenhurst Dr., Fairfax Station, VA 22039

Attorney: Kenneth B.Wingate, Sweeny Wingate & Barrow

Address: PO Box 12129, Columbia, SC 29201

Estate: Harold Lester Starr


Personal Representative: Pamela S. Starr

Address: 6603 Christie Rd., Columbia, SC 29209

Estate: James Donnie Tronco


Personal Representative: Loretta Tronco

Address: 1654 Haviland Cir., Columbia, SC 29210

Attorney: Harvey, Casterline, & Vallini

Address: PO Box 597, Irmo, SC 29063

Estate: George Arthur Wulbern Jr.


Personal Representative: Ann Wulbern

Address: 148 Cove Ct., Irmo, SC 29063

Attorney: Daniel K. Felker

Address: 618 Ott Rd., Columbia, SC 29205

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