2006-06-23 / On Second Thought

Letter to the editor

Shame on you, South Carolina

Only a small percentage of you went to the polls election day. By not voting in every election you're letting the radical elements of society dictate policy, promote their own agenda and elect kooks and crazies to public office.

It's too late to complain after the votes have been counted.

Many of you rant and rave that our elected officials are fools and incompetents. Stop electing them and don't let others elect them while you're at home abrogating your responsibility as a citizen.

Ninety percent of Iraqis risked their lives going to the polls to elect their leaders. Forty years ago I fought a war to permit 83 percent of South Vietnamese to cast ballots.

By not voting you're dishonoring our troops, all of them from 1776 to today, who have fought in foreign lands so its people have the privilege to freely elect those who will lead their societies.

You must also be an informed voter. Freedom isn't free. We all must work at it. We have to know who the candidates are and what they stand for. We have to make an informed choice.

By not voting you're letting the minority dictate to the majority. You wouldn't do that when selecting a movie or restaurant. Why do it when your very future is at stake?

Jerry Emanuel

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