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By Warner M. Montgomery

Shandon School
Shandon School

The town of Shandon was established southeast of the City of Columbia in 1903 by Robert W. Shand, a developer, lawyer, and Civil War veteran. The first school in Shandon was built in 1906 at the northeast corner of Lee and Queen streets. It was called Shandon School and came under the the administration of S.M. Clarkson, Richland County Superintendent of Education.

Shandon School was located at the corner of Maple and Devine Streets in 1909 The first teachers were Miss Marion Means and Miss Katie Duncan. A third teacher, Miss Nan Pagett was added before the first year ended. Within three years, Miss C. Dozier, Louise DeBruhl, Jessie Patterson, and Mr. S.M. Busby were added to the faculty. The early Shandon School trustees were Scott, Swygert, and Jeter. The Shandon School building was also home to the Baptists, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, and Methodists as they organized their new congregations in Shandon.

By 1908, the enrollment outgrew the building. A new six classroom brick building was constructed on a one-acre lot at the corner of Devine and Maple streets in 1909 for $10,000. The trustees listed on the 1909 cornerstone are S.T. Carter, C.M. Scott, L. Bremer, L. Miller, C.J. Bruce, and W. Maxwell.

The building had six large Ionic columns supporting a Greek-style roof with decorative cornice. In the center of the roof was a bell tower with a school bell. The entrance to the school was through double doors into a wide hallway which ran the width of the building. Stairways at each end of the hallway led to the second floor. The building had steam heat. A 400-seat auditorium in the rear was later converted into two classrooms.

For more about the history of Schneider School visit the archives of www.TheColumbiaStar.com.

Shandon/Schneider School is 100 years old this year. Do you have any pictures of the school during the early years you would like to share? Please bring them to The Columbia Star, 723 Queen Street, or email to mimim@sc.rr.com.

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