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Mike Maddock, General Manager
2006-03-31 / Public Notices


The original Wills of the decedents listed below were delivered to the Richland County Probate Court and admitted for Probate on the dates shown:



Nannie Butler BledsoeFebruary 25, 1975February 22, 2006

Louis Belton BrownAugust 30, 2000March 21, 2006

Rosa GuertlerFebruary 24, 2003March 13, 2006

Agnes Cooper HuntJuly 16, 1969N/A

Robert Claude JendronOctober 22, 2001February 24, 2006

John William LundbergJune 12, 1998March 1, 2006

John W. MarshallMarch 11, 2005January 7, 2006

William Donald PenlandMay 2, 2003February 15, 2006

Clifford L. PhillipsDecember 7, 1998February 14, 2006

Lucretia H. ShawAugust 12, 2005February 28, 2006

Donald E. TylerMarch 17, 2003February 17, 2006

Rosa Aiken WesmorelandAugust 2, 1985March 14, 2006

Any person wishing to challenge the informally probated will of the decedent or any person in possession of another original will or any person in possession of assets belonging to the decedent should contact the Richland County Probate Court, P.O. Box 192, Columbia, South Carolina 29202.

Amy W. McCulloch

Judge of Probate

Richland County, SC


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