2006-03-17 / Education

Talent abounds at Dreher

By Amy Zhang

Friday the 10th of March, Dreher's auditorium was host to around five hundred people and stage for a student-produced mlange of performances. The show ranged from a jam band to singing, dancing to pogo-stick/jump roping, harp playing to rapping. The theme of the event was Katrina relief, sponsored by Dreher High School's National Honor Society (NHS).

All $1,600 raised is going straight to the Red Cross. As the president of NHS Amy Zhang said when opening for the show, "In this fast paced society of ours, news not only breaks quickly but comes and goes and Hurricane Katrina itself seems almost a worn out topic. But the recovery is still on its way. This year, Mardi Gras sent a large message out to Washington and the rest of this country that this national gem of culture is not going to lie down in defeat-and so tonight, we thank you for your contributions to this effort."

Friends and family members enthusiastically supported the performers. Zhang said, "Thank you for deciding to spend your Friday night with us as we showcase some of Dreher's best and, most importantly, bravest. Getting up on stage in front of tons of people is, as we all have probably discovered at some point, pretty unnerving."

But ultimately, defeating any pre-performance jitters and stage fright, each of the participants delivered a great show. While everyone did a wonderful job, the judges, Mike Thomas, Amber Gaines, and Dontae Huskey of the Teen Forum show, had the difficult task of awarding first and second place in the three categories, dance, singing, and other entertainment.



1st place: "It's all in the moves" (Whitney Lykes, Jonathan Chu, Jaiara Lykes, Jai Lykes, and Joshua Halter)

2nd place: "Femme Fatale" (Zinah Jennings, Jordan Black, Myleshia Guess, Tanesha Jones, Chattique Jones, Latrice Landrum, Cyderie Cooper, Tina Ravnell, Alisha Myers)


1st place: Scharan Clarke

2nd place: Anthony Chu

Other entertainment:

1st place: Lin Gordan and Tyler McGee-jam band

2nd place: Katy Macaruso-harp

The nationally-syndicated Teen Forum Radio show generously sponsored the event and provided the prizes. As Janie Langley, sponsor of the National Honor Society, said at the end of the night, "Well I think that was a big success."


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