2006-03-03 / Sports

AC Flora students pull their weight in strongman competition

By Sydney Kornegay

Six AC flora students recently excelled in the South Atlantic Strongman Competition, earning victory and the praise of their coach. The competition, which was hosted at SC Barbell and Heavy Athletics Saturday, February 18, was a strenuous, all–day event. The students competed in several different categories, including the farmer’s walk, medley, hard dead lift, log press, and atlas stones.

“It’s basically the same as the strongman competitions you see on ESPN, except that it’s for high school students,” said Ryan Griffith, a senior at Flora.

Griffith, a senior at Flora, competed against fellow Flora student Antaivis Belton in the heavyweight division. Griffith thought his best event was the medley which required the competitor to push a truck a certain distance, then drag a sled back to the starting point.

The senior won first in his division.

Keiwon Brown, a sophomore at Flora, competed in the lightweight division along with Joey Thompson, Adrian Carmichael, and Justin Redfern. He said his strong event was the car dead lift, in which he lifted the back end of a car a total of 14 times. Brown earned top points in this and other events and won first in his division.

Brown thought the hardest event was the atlas stones in which he had to pick up massive stones and place them on barrels.

The students have been training throughout the year under Coach Kaufman, an athletic trainer at Flora who placed first in the National Strongman Competition in November. He said he was “very impressed with the group’s performance.” This was the second year of competition for five of the students and the first time around for Adrian Carmichael.

Kaufman said he will recommend that several of the students advance to the National Competition this summer.

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