2006-03-03 / News

Public invited to Ikebana presentation By Rachel Haynie

Ikebana, an Eastern approach to arranging floral and other natural materials, will be demonstrated Wednesday, March 15, noon–3 pm at the Garden Club Council Center in Maxcy Gregg Park. The Garden Club Council invites the public both for the demonstration and also for a Japanese tea that will follow.

Master arrangers will follow the tenets of Ikebana to exhibit ways to create living works of art simply, using native elements. Ikebana, “The Way of the Flower,” survives as a modern–day manifestation of early Chinese ideas about floral arrangement. Cultural historians believe these artful practices were brought to Japan by monks.

The art form has been formalized through many generations of devoted Japanese master artisans. Now contemporary nature lovers can interpret this ancient practice with flowers, branches, and other natural material.

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