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Columbia City Council Meeting • December 14, 2005 • 9 am

By John Temple Ligon

Tennis instructor Jeff Kafalos, USTA VPLucy Garvin, and Mayor Bob CobleTennis instructor Jeff Kafalos, USTA VPLucy Garvin, and Mayor Bob Coble Roll call

City council convened its work session Wednesday morning, December 14, at 9. Anne Sinclair and Sam Davis were absent, and Hamilton Osborne was running a few minutes late. Present were Tameika Isaac Devine, E. W. Cromartie, Mayor Bob Coble, and Daniel Rickenmann.

City year

Behrad Mahdi, manager for external affairs and development, brought council up to date on City Year Columbia.

Downtown draws convention

The International Downtown Association 2006 Conference is set for this spring in Columbia. Council cooperated with Matt Kennell , president of the City Center Partnership, and met his requests. Located in Washington, DC, the IDA is a world leader and champion for vital livable urban centers. Also, council approved the re–appointment of Lee Mashburn to the board of directors of the City Center Partnership for a one–year term.

Executive session

Council adjourned around 9:20 to meet behind closed doors to discuss contractual and employment matters.

Anne Sinclair’s distinction

Council member Anne Sinclair has been elected to the board of directors of the National League of Cities. The convention was held recently in Charlotte.

Public hearing

The Olympia Whaley Granby tax increment financing district was threatened the night before by Richland County Council, which failed to approve the county’s participation. The deadline to move forward on the TIF is the end of this year. The TIF was proposed as a city/county deal to help finance park and street improvements, safe railroad crossings, and sewer connections for a few dozen homes. City council began to suggest it may have to go it alone as a city-only TIF. Appeals were made by neighborhood leaders Larry Gates , Bob Guild , and their lawyer Frannie Heizer of The McNair Firm. Mayor Coble proposed a motion to investigate options and directions: (1) Can the city continue on its current path? (2) Does the city have other legal strategies to work beyond the deadline of the end of the year? (3) Can the city go it alone with a city-only TIF?


Allison Baker , assistant city manager, told council how important a successful tennis program can be for the city. Part of that success is adequate, if not superior, facilities. The United States Tennis

Association dispatched their vice president, Lucy Garvin , to Columbia to address council and to present a check for $200,000 to help cover the cost of four clay courts in Southeast Park on Garners Ferry Road. Also on hand to receive the check was city tennis professional Jeff Kafalos.

Drew Wellness Center

Council member Cromartie recalled the weekend’s grand opening gala at the Charles R. Drew Wellness Center. He was particularly appreciative of the sponsors who funded the affair and contributed to the scholarship fund.

Street closings

• Cassina Road between Albion Road and Heathwood Circle, Sunday, December 18, from 4 pm until 10 pm.

• 2400 block of Read Street between Waverly Street and Heidt Street, Monday, December 19, from 5 pm until 10 pm.

Consideration of bids, agreements, and change orders

• $10,320 for the purchase of forensic lab equipment, as requested by the Police Department.

• $10,800 for engineering services to survey the area where the CanalSide Esplanade is to be constructed.

• $11,601 for the purchase of ScanSoft Omniform software, as requested by the Police Department.

• $14,061 for the purchase of spare masks for the MSA breathing systems.

• $14,907 for the purchase of 12 desktop computers.

• $22,599 for the purchase of four computers.

• $24,424 for the purchase of computers and mounts.

• $39,500 for the investigation and analysis of the existing granite retaining wall at the CanalSide development.

• $46,000 for Change Order #1 for Washington Square basement renovations.

• $54,500 for the purchase of five 1/2 ton pickup trucks.

• $65,120 for the renewal of excess worker’s compensation liability insurance.

• $28,000 for Change Order #1 at the Charles R. Drew Wellness Center.

• $107,759 for Change Order #4 for Charles R. Drew Wellness Center.

• $110,770 for the purchase of one trailer mounted storm drain inspection camera unit.

• $124,451 for the purchase of two backhoes.

• $194,897 for maintenance, replacement, and repairs to the Metro Wastewater Treatment Plant.

• $245,328 for the purchase of 12 patrol cars.

• $250,000 for engineering services to provide design and construction phase services for upgrades at the city’s Mill Creek sanitary sewer pumping station.

• $289,494 for the purchase of three tandem dump trucks.

Consideration of bids, agreements, and change orders

• $1,361,953 for Project #SS6979, WM4078, and SD8288; Read Street extension, Benedict College.

• $1,615,862 for Change Order #4 for Project #SS790; North Columbia pump station upgrade and repairs.

• $2,665,414 for Project #SS6966, SS6943, SS6131, and SS6777; sanitary sewer rehabilitation.

• $30,000 for the conceptional design of the CanalSide Esplanade.

• $20,757,228 for the Pendleton Street Parking deck.

• $17,120 for Change Order #2 to Greenview Park renovations.

• $22,000 for Change Order #3 to Greenview Park renovations.

Ordinances – first reading

• #2005–107, annexing lots 1, 2, 3, and 4, Timberlane Drive at Glenhaven Road.

• #2005–114, annexing one acre (lot 11) Pontiac Business Center.

• #2005–0115, annexing 6207 North Main Street and 6209 North Main Street.

• #2005–116, annexing 33.98 acres, Spears Creek Church Road.

• #2005–117, annexing 54.217 acres N/S Old Percival Road and 17.23 acres S/S I–20 at Old Percival Road.

• #2005–122, annexing 803 Silver Street.

• #2005–126, approval for conveyance of sanitary sewer lines for Deer Lake Subdivision, Phases I & II.

• #2005–128, amending the 1998 Code of Ordinances for the city, Chapter 19, Solid Waste Management, Article II, Collection and Disposal, Sec. 19–33, Enforcement generally; penalty; citations.

• #2005–129, annexing 1002 and N 1002 Broad River Road.

• #2005–130, annexing 4505 Ryan Avenue.

• #2005–131, annexing 1330 Buckner Road.

• #2005–132, annexing 717 Deerwood Street.

• #2005–133, amending the 1998 Code of Ordinances of the city, Chapter 11, Licenses, Permits, Business Regulations, Article III, Contractors, Sec. 11–71, Permit, indemnification and insurance requirements for work affecting streets or other public property, (b) liability insurance.

• #2005–134, authorizing the transfer of a portion of the Wayne Street right–of–way to Columbia Development Corporation.


• #R–2005–052, authorizing purchase of property known as 1002 Broad River Road, 0.85 acre.

• #R–2005–069, authorizing notice of 2006 Election for mayor and three members of city council.


Council approved a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity, as requested by Business License Division. Awarded to Ben Hassine Mounir dba Access Columbia Taxi, 800 North Lucas Street, Apartment T–8, West Columbia, SC 29169.


Council approved bagging 14 meters on Senate Street between Bull Street and Marion Street in front of the Department of Education building during board meetings, hearings, and committee meetings on the following dates in: February 7 and 8 (2006), March 7 and 8, April 11 and 12, May 8 and 9, June 13 and 14, July 8 and 9, August 8 and 9, September 12 and 13, October 10 and 11, November 8 and 9, December 12 and 13, January 9 and 10 (2007).

Cell phones

Council approved the disposition of 25 cell phones.

Chauffeur’s license

Lorenzo Murray asked council to bend the rules a little to allow him a chauffeur’s (taxi) license. Murray had a checkered record, and council allowed for a three–year lapse since the last infraction as opposed to the city ordinance requiring a four–year wait.

Street improvements

Developer Tom Prioreschi and Matt Kennell , director of City Center Partnership, asked council to reconsider its second phase in Main Street improvements. Once Phase I is complete, Phase II should not take on the entire length of the project under the same schedule. Prioreschi recommended a one–block–at–a–time sequence, beginning each block at the first of the year, and finishing each block as soon as possible, long before the end of the year. The Christmas season might have a commercial impact if the streets were open, and construction on the next block can commence afterward.

Next meeting

Council will hold a work session at 9 am, Wednesday, December 21, and a regular session follows at 10. Both meetings are on the third floor at City Hall, corner of Laurel and Main.

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