2005-09-09 / News

It’s a ruff ruff life for Sarah and Susie

By Amanda Taylor

Susie Elkins, Brewster, Sarah Elkins and Doodlebug
Susie Elkins, Brewster, Sarah Elkins and Doodlebug

Sarah and Susie Elkins are proud to say their business has gone to the dogs. For eight years, sisters Sarah and Susie have been making dogs in Columbia a lot cleaner and happier.

When you walk into the Elkins sisters’ store, you’ll inevitably see Sarah and Susie in the back. You’ll hear the buzz of clippers and the sight of fur falling to the floor. What you most likely won’t hear is any noise from the animal being groomed. And there’s a good chance that animal is behaving better with the sisters than he does at home.

Some people just seem to have a way with animals, I’ve noticed – and I’m not one of them. My own dogs like me just fine, but most others either chase me down, bark at me, or bite me. So I can appreciate the gift that the Elkins sisters have.

From an early age, Sarah and Susie’s parents instilled in them a love of animals. The sisters grew up on a farm just outside of Columbia where they kept all manner of animals including horses, fish, birds, and both sister’s favorites, dogs.

Sarah and Susie are still animal lovers, and fortunately for them, they have found a career that allows them to pursue that passion.

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