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Four–year–old lights up Times Square

By Amanda Taylor

Kate Liggitt with her friend, Lela Cagle, in Citadel Park
Kate Liggitt with her friend, Lela Cagle, in Citadel Park

Kate Liggitt, a four year old from Columbia who has Down syndrome, is about to appear in bright lights in Times Square for the second time.

Kate’s photograph was selected to be a part of a video production of the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) to demonstrate that people with Down Syndrome can be an integral part of any community activity. The video will air September 25 on the huge outdoor television in Times Square, NY.

Kelley Liggitt, Kate’s mother, first heard about the call for photos from a NDSS newsletter two years ago. She decided to enter Kate’s photo, and it was selected for the production in 2003. This year, she gave it another go, and once again, Kate’s photo was selected. There were nearly 2,000 entries in the contest this year, with approximately 250 photos selected.

The video will appear just in time to start off National Down Syndrome Awareness Month (October) and the 2005 Buddy Walk. The Buddy Walk, which takes place in cities all across the nation, promotes acceptance and awareness of people with Down syndrome.

The Liggitts are very involved in the Buddy Walks from year to year. Kelley says this year her goal is to raise $10,000. So far, she has raised $6,000. Last year, she was the second highest fundraiser in Columbia for the Buddy Walk, raising $6,000.

Kate, who attends Kilbourne Park Preschool, loves to play with other children, her big brother, Kent, and her dog, Haley. She has lots of energy, which she likes to expend swimming, going to the beach, and going to dance classes.

If you would like more information about NDSS or the NDSS Buddy Walk, go to www.NDSS.org or call 800-221-4602.

Photo by Julia Cagle

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