2005-09-02 / On Second Thought

Letter to the editor Mr. Maddock, investigate before you speak

Peyton Manning and Eli Manning’s older brother is named Cooper Manning.  Cooper was an all-state wide receiver in high school, catching passes from his younger brother Peyton. Cooper gained a full ride scholarship to Ole Miss University, his dad’s alma mater.  Cooper was widely recognized as the most gifted of the three Manning boys and was well on his way to a terrific college career when he was diagnosed with a congenital narrowing of the spine — the same type of problem that sidelined Micheal Irvin.  Cooper could not play football, and he now walks with a noticeable limp. 

Peyton wore number 14 in high school, Cooper wore number 18.  Peyton now wears number 18 out of respect for his older brother who didn’t have the chance to play in the NFL.

I understand the self deprecating style of your article, but before you start insinuating that Peyton is a cry-baby and that his older brother is a nobody who doesn't get much attention from his family, you may want to investigate the background a little more as you probably have offended a few people, myself included.

Matt Miller

Dallas, TX

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