2005-03-11 / News

Dr. Gail Whitman– Elia to receive a National Physician of the Year award

By Amanda Taylor

Dr. Gail Whitman–Elia
Dr. Gail Whitman–Elia

Dr. Gail Whitman– Elia, founder of Advanced Fertility & Reproductive Endocrinology Institute in West Columbia, has helped countless couples become families. What she gives to these couples, she says, is her greatest reward. On March 15, however, she will be honored with a different kind of reward.

Dr. Gail Whitman– Elia will receive a National Physician award in Washington, DC on March 15. The award is presented each year by the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) to recognize prominent physicians who make a difference in the economy of their home states.

NRCC chairman, Congressman Tom Reynolds, will present the award to Dr. Whitman–Elia. In announcing the award, Reynolds said Dr. Whitman–Elia had shown “outstanding leadership and entrepreneurial spirit” which led to significant job creation at her practice.

Dr. Whitman–Elia started her private practice in January 2002. She said, “I’ve always been interested in helping people build their families.” She added, “I’m a strong advocate of expanding access to this kind of care.”

It is generally estimated that as many as one in ten couples will have trouble conceiving at some point in time, and the Center for Disease Control estimates that as many as 20% of couples will have difficulty conceiving.

According to Dr. Whitman–Elia, more and more people are coming to see her for reproductive help because they are more aware that there are options for them.

“For me, the most joyful thing is when a person gets pregnant who has really been trying,” Dr. Whitman–Elia said. It is clearly a joyful thing for her patients as well.

Jennifer and Stacey Maples, current patients of Dr. Whitman–Elia, went through an in–vitro fertilization recently. Even though only two embryos were implanted, Jennifer is now pregnant with triplets because one of the embryos split.

Jennifer Maples said, “We can never thank Dr. Whitman–Elia and her staff enough for what they’ve done, and we can’t wait to meet the “three little miracles created by Dr. Whitman–Elia.”

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