2005-01-21 / News

Puppy needs an operation and a home

By Amanda Taylor

Puppy needs a home and money 
for a hip operationPuppy needs a home and money for a hip operation

  • “I just need a good home,” Pam Parks says for the little puppy she’s holding. It was about two weeks ago when Parks found the puppy, or rather, the puppy found her.
  • It was 5 pm traffic on Jarvis Klapman Boulevard when the puppy ran under her car. Parks says the puppy wouldn’t leave from under the car so she called the police. Shortly, two officers arrived, and they rescued the puppy.

    Parks then took the puppy to her vet, Dr. Crystal Knight at Cherokee Trail, where they discovered the puppy’s right hip was broken. Dr. Knight generously offered to fix her hip at a discount rate of $600.

    Parks has already paid for all of the puppy’s shots and medicines but is trying to raise money to get the puppy’s hip fixed. Once the puppy is totally healed, she and S.Q. Rescue, a non–profit animal rescue organization, will try to find a home for her.

    Parks says, “She will make someone an excellent pet. But I’ll cry and cry when she goes.” Parks is trying not to get too attached to her because she already has four dogs and can’t take anymore.

    The puppy, according to Parks, is very calm, loves kids, and does well in the house and outside. Parks also says her vet thinks the puppy will not grow to a very large size.

    If you would like to donate money to help this puppy get well, you can send tax–deductible donations to S.Q.Rescue, c/o Parks Puppy, 7521 Yorkhouse Rd., Columbia, SC 29223. If you would like to adopt this adorable dog, please call S.Q. Rescue at (803) 788-1889.

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