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The Camellia Ball

Sarah Ann Vanzant Claire McCall Stoneburner Caroline Marshall DePass Sarah Jane Holbrook Jane Fleming Kennedy Patricia McClain Moore

Sarah Ann VanzantClaire McCall StoneburnerCaroline Marshall DePassSarah Jane HolbrookJane Fleming KennedyPatricia McClain Moore

The Camellia Ball presented nine debutante daughters, one granddaughter, four–out of–town nieces, and fourteen guest debutantes at the annual ball December 18 at Forest Lake Club.

Camellia Ball president, Thomas Ellison Suggs, and Mrs. Suggs received members and guest at a reception in the ballroom prior to the ball.

The debutantes were presented with introductions by Mr. George Cox Beighley. Following the debutante figure, there was dancing and dinner in the ballroom with music provided by the Dick Goodwin Orchestra.

The debutante figure was led by Sarah Ann Marguerite Vanzant followed by Claire McCall Stoneburner. Miss Vanzant was presented by her father, Ralston Birto Vanzant III, and escorted by John Carlisle Draffin. Miss Stoneburner was presented by her father, Craig Braden Stoneburner, and escorted by Fairey Lee Prickett III.

Other debutantes were Caroline Marshall DePass who was presented by her father, William Brunson DePass Jr., and escorted by Burl Franklin Williams; Sarah Jane Holbrook presented by her father, Thomas Jefferson Holbrook Jr., and escorted by Michael Alan Burnette Jr.; Jane Fleming Kennedy presented by her father, Richard McKinne Kennedy, and escorted by Michael Alan Burnette; Patricia McClain Moore presented by her father, Caleb Whitaker Moore, and escorted by Thomas Middleton Drayton; Aidan Hoefer Myers presented by her father, James Townsend Myers, and escorted by Ernest Allen Taylor Jr.; Anna Pristen Paysinger presented by her father, Benjamin Daniel Paysinger Jr., and escorted by Tyler John Davis; Mary Haywood Robinson presented by her grandfather, William Haywood Mapp Jr, and escorted by Benjamin Reed Gregory; and Katherine Charlotte Wolfe presented by her father, Jack William Wolfe, and escorted by Myron Lee Hinton Jr.

The out–of–town nieces presented were Martha Alison Cave presented by her uncle, William Cain Jr., and escorted by Patrick Lawrence Riddle; Helen Venning Gilmore presented by her uncle, Henry Pickett Wall, and escorted by Adam Cage Wilson; Jessica Lauren Hoefer presented by her uncle, John Marion Sadler Hoefer, and escorted by Paul Hamilton Hoefer; and Margaret Ready Smith presented by her uncle, Henry Picket Wall, and escorted by Rhett Searcy Cleveland.

Guest debutantes presented were Julie Rebecca Aldridge escorted by Daniel Hampton Jordan III, Augusta Hunter Beal escorted by Llewellyn Gregory Pearce III, Emily Barrett Brady escorted Jody Alan Bedenbaugh, Anna Harriette Brennecke escorted by Michael McDonald Davis, Jean Carroll Cutler escorted by John Clayton Crantford, Mary Caldwell Robertson Dail escorted by Ryan David Popp, Suzanne Elizabeth Hancock escorted by James Bruce Glenn, Treva Georgianna Hart escorted by Larkin Barmore Ellzey, Katharine Nicholson Hubbard escorted by David Christopher Francis, Meredith Pringle Marks escorted by Richard Giles Whiting Jr., Caroline Parker Mauldin escorted by Zachary Ian Manis, Catherine Chase Parrish escorted by Ansel Claiborne Bunch Jr., Katherine Armstrong Robinson escorted by James McDowell DuRant III, and Lauren Allie Stewart escorted by Nathaniel Johnson Stewart III.

Each debutante carried a hand–tied nosegay of debutante camellias, bridal pink roses, white freesia, white wax flower, and Queen Ann lace. The handles were ribbon wrapped with French braid. Pink double satin ribbon adorned the debutante bouquets, and pink single–faced ribbon adorned the guest bouquets.

Following dinner, coffee was served in the foyer.

Camellia Ball officers, in addition to President Suggs, are Katon Edwards Dawson, secretary, and James Walter Stands, treasurer.

Chairmen of the 2004 Ball are Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Edward Wilson and co–chairmen are Mr. and Mrs. George Cox Beighley.

Committee chairmen were Dr. and Mrs. James Walter Stands and Dr. and Mrs. William Cain Jr, beverage committee; Dr. and Mrs. James Robert Brennan and Mr. and Mrs. John Marion Sadler Hoefer, coffee committee; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Arthur Coggins and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dorsey Ross Jr, debutante committee; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Francis Crews III and Mr. And Mrs. John Michael Wrenn Sr., debutante figure; Mr. and Mrs. David Orion Williams and Dr. and Mrs. Michael Cameron Foster Sr, debutante flowers; Mr. And Mrs. Redic Earl Robinson III and Mr. and Mrs. Luther Leonard Bridges, debutante mother representative; Mr. and Mrs. Murrell Johnson Bowen and Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Strasburg Jr.,decorations; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ellison Suggs and Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Nelson Weston Jr., house and seating; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Edward Todd and Dr. and Mrs. Edward McIver Leppard Jr., stags; Mr. and Mrs. George Cox Beighley, and Mr. and Mrs. Simpson Zimmerman Fant, photography; Mr. and Mrs William Harold Short and Mr. and Mrs. James Preston Covington III, invitations; Mr. and Mrs Orville Stanley Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Harry McKinley Lightsey III, menu; Mr. and Mrs Robert Sheldon Paschal III and Mr. and Mrs. English Glover Morris, music; Mr. and Mrs. George Lambert McCoy III and Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Arlen Cotter, publicity; Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Allen Johnston and Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gavin Fawcett, scrapbook.

presents 14 debutantes

Aidan Hoefer Myers

Anna Kristen Paysinger

Katherine Charlotte Wolfe

Mary Haywood Robinson

Martha Alison Cave

Helen Venning Gilmore

Jessica Lauren Hoefer

Margaret Ready Smith

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