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The First Boykin Spaniels: The Story of Dumpy and Singo

By Rachel Haynie

Even when Lynn Kelley was working with his colleague Mike Creek on their first book, The Boykin Spaniel , he knew there was a children’s book awaiting in lore and legend of the dog. It has taken him years longer to bring the book to press, and now it has been published.

The First Boykin Spaniels: The Story of Dumpy and Singo is the true story of how two stray dogs were found and introduced to each other to start the long line of championship dogs now known as Boykin Spaniels.

The dog credited with siring the line befriended a Spartanburg banker around 1905. After Dumpy exhibited a remarkable aptitude for retrieving, Alexander White sent him to Whit Boykin in Camden for “finishing school.” That is where Dumpy was introduced to Singo.

The dark brown, sturdily built Boykin Spaniel retriever was first bred in SC prior to 1920 for its superior hunting ability and its lovable nature as a family pet.

Lynn Kelley’s colorful little story, for children ages three to ten, is fully illustrated by Lisa Gardiner. The two will sign the newly released book at Happy Booksellers at ll am, Saturday, December 4.

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