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Family tradition continues at The Frame Shop

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Katy and Richard McShane
Katy and Richard McShane

Family–owned and operated businesses are becoming more and more unique these days. For the McShane’s of The Frame Shop on Rosewood Drive, running the family business is not only a blessing, but also a way of life.

As siblings and co– owners of The Frame Shop, Katy and Richard McShane have been involved in the family business in some capacity since they were children. Their mother, Mary McShane, purchased the business, originally on Millwood Avenue, from Bill Frantz, an uncle, in 1983. The McShanes moved The Frame Shop to its current location on Rosewood Drive a decade later. After their mother’s recent retirement, Katy and Richard began handling the day–to–day operations of the business.

“Richard and I literally grew up at The Frame Shop. We worked here after school, on weekends, and during our summer breaks,” said Katy. “We grew up around beautiful artwork, colors, colors, and more colors, and lots of sharp objects. That has to influence a child’s development in strange ways.”

But when the opportunity came to continue running the family business, Richard and Katy saw it as a way to continue what they’d loved doing for so many years—working with their hands creating framing that is very special to their customers. As a bonus they realized they could continue working side–by–side with— well, maybe not each other— but the family dog reports to work every day!

Because the family resides on the top floor of The Frame Shop building, they have the flexibility of accommodating customers who may need framing services after hours. It has also allowed them to spend extra time focusing on taking the business to a new level by offering gifts and home accessories, such as majolica– style pitchers and handpainted platters. The McShanes have gathered them from around the country. Antiques, lanterns, metalcrafts and glassware often grace the display tables. And over the years, local designers and artisans have come to know The Frame Shop as a great place to frame their works of art. Maybe that’s why the McShanes host numerous shows for local artists each year. The store is always full of great works from local artists.

Over the years, Richard has mastered the talent of cutting glass, mats, and frames while Katy creates framing and matting that compliments artwork rather than overpowers it.

The Frame Shop also offers many frames that cannot be found in other stores. These things have led to a very loyal customer base, which includes USC, whom they have worked with for more than 20 years. Columbia’s ad agencies and decorators have also found The Frame Shop is an economical source for framing large repetitive projects or large display pieces. In fact, they are known for their skill in creating custom shadowboxes for three–dimensional objects such as awards, medals and sports memorabilia.

There are even many customers who live outside Columbia, yet they travel to The Frame Shop in order to get the level of personal service and products offered by the McShanes.

If you’re looking for The Frame Shop, travel down to the 3100 block of Rosewood Drive and look for the blue 1950s panel truck sporting The Frame Shop logo. It’s usually parked at the side of the store, if Richard isn’t out delivering large projects to customers. Store hours are Monday through Friday from 9am–6pm and on Saturdays from 9am–5pm. 256-1601.

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