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Mike Maddock, General Manager
2004-10-22 / Sports


By Ellen Fortson

Neal Gordon and Dana Von Louda check media scoreboard
Neal Gordon and Dana Von Louda check media scoreboard

When avid golfers buy a ticket to a Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) tournament, they expect to see good golf. Men are amazed by how far a feminine frame can drive a ball, and women admire the putting accuracy of the finest women athletes in the world. Simple enjoyment for sports viewers, but behind the swinging success of the LPGA tour, a group of dedicated administrative and communication specialists make it happen.

Dana von Louda, one of the seven coordinators of communications, believes it happens because golf is a team effort. The media relations specialist served for two years as one of the tournament directors for the LPGA. “I am a liaison between the players, the media, the tournament sponsors, and the public. This is what the LPGA does.”

The Ladies Professional Golf Association established its presence in 1950 and now succeeds as the world’s longest–running women’s sports organization. Von Louda points out that the LPGA is more than a sports sanction. Approximately $150 million has been collected from the LPGA and its tournaments since 1981. The LPGA supports 1,200 members of club professionals dedicated to the advancement of health and wellness by teaching golf for women and juniors as well as coaching rising stars. It is the dedication of the tour players, the club golf professionals, the tour sponsors, and the public that makes women’s golf the success that it is.

“It’s a lot of long hours for both the players and the coordinators,” confessed Dana. “But I have to admit, I love it.”

Love for her job began with the game of golf. “I played college golf and wanted to stay around the game, so I did an internship for the American Junior Golf Association. I traveled with the team until I took this job. I love traveling. I have followed golf to Korea, Japan, England, and France. It’s a long 12–hour day when you’re writing press releases, leading press conferences, conducting media concerns, fixing computer capers, preparing for the next day’s events to run smoothly for the players and spectators.”

Does Dana get to play a lot of golf? No, not really. She plays just about as much as an assistant pro at a local country club, not nearly enough as she would like. But what she does like is being around the essence of the game, the people, and the challenge. That makes a winning score with or without a handicap.

Behind the LPGA Logo

Dana von Louda handles public relations for LPGA

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