2004-10-08 / News

Horses stop traffic

By Warner M. Montgomery

Four horses appeared suddenly on Garners Ferry Road at 11:30 am last Sunday, September 26. Two stopped near their corral, but two were spooked and galloped down the highway.

Cars going both ways slowed then stopped, hoping the beautiful thorobreds would not dart into the traffic. We put on our emergency flashers and pushed the On Star emergency button. The operator immediately alerted the sheriff to the situation.

Meanwhile two Good Samaritans heading toward Columbia stopped their pickups. A woman grabbed some food from her truck and ran to the horses. A man assisted her and together they coaxed the horses off the highway and back on the shoulder.

A few minutes later the two horses joined their buddies and walked back up the shoulder out of sight. We hope they made it back to their stables safely.

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